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CAD Manager School is focused on becoming the #1 online community
for CAD professionals in becoming CAD Managers & impactful CAD Leaders.

Your Journey to CAD Manager Mastery Begins Here!

Welcome to a revolutionary new approach to advancing your career and elevating your skills to the next level.Here at CAD Manager School, we believe that in order to truly become a leader in your field, you need a blend of technical mastery, project delivery expertise, and true leadership skills that inspire those around you.You're already skilled in using CAD technology, but we know you’re here because you crave more than just another CAD course.You're seeking the knowledge and community that will elevate you from a CAD professional to an impactful leader.Well, guess what? You're in the right place.

Uniquely Crafted For Your Career Growth

Our unique coaching program is designed specifically for ambitious CAD Professionals like you, who desire to step up into a CAD Manager role and beyond.This isn't just another cookie-cutter training program that you can find anywhere else; we're here to guide you on your journey to becoming an impactful leader, with real-world solutions to the challenges that CAD Managers face every day.

A Community Like No Other

The CAD Manager School is not just a coaching and training program—it's a community.You'll be joining a network of like-minded professionals who share your passion for CAD and your drive to succeed.The insights, experiences, and knowledge shared within our community are invaluable.The support you receive here will fuel your journey to the top.


I’m thankful to Eric and the CAD Manager Mastery program; both have proven invaluable.Eric is passionate in sharing his vast experience to help CAD Professionals develop soft skills to become leaders & highly effective CAD Managers.-Thad Wilen | CAD MANAGER

Mastery In Leadership & Project Delivery

The CAD Manager School offers a unique blend of technical, leadership, and project delivery training and coaching.Our focus is on cultivating leaders, not just managers.You'll learn how to inspire your team, manage projects effectively, and make decisions that have a real impact.

how we do it


When you join, you get access to our thriving community of CAD/BIM/Design professionals, managers, and leaders.You'll learn from other supportive, like-minded professionals who have already made the leap to CAD/BIM/Design management.


Our coaches will guide you through every part of the journey, providing invaluable feedback on your progress.This one-on-one coaching experience will shape both your skills and your mindset in becoming the best version of yourself.


Our programs and masterminds are designed to prepare you for that next level in your career, develop the skills needed to become an impactful manager and leader, lead your teams with confidence, and drive organizational project delivery excellence.

who is this for?

If you're a...

  • CAD Drafter

  • CAD Technician

  • CAD Designer

  • CAD Specialist

  • CAD Coordinator

  • CAD Manager

  • CAD Professional

  • even BIM & Design Technology Professionals

and you're looking to...

  • Learn the truths about being a Manager/Leader

  • Learn & get support from a community of like-minded Professionals

  • Develop & expand your professional network

  • Share your experiences & expertise to help others

  • Learn best practices and tips & tricks from industry leaders

  • Get coaching & mentoring to learn the industry secrets

  • Become an impactful and confident Manager/Leader

  • Get all the good stuff in one location

does this sound like you?

If this sounds like the place for you then welcome to the...

cad manager school

our mission:

Empowering CAD Professionals to become impactful, confident leaders through
real-world education and training, personal coaching and mentoring, and
an active, supportive community.

meet eric deleon

CAD Manager School Founder | Podcast Host | CAD Leadership & Project Delivery Expert

Eric DeLeon is ready to flip the script with the desire to disrupt the status quo in providing coaching, mentoring, training, and community that isn't offered anywhere else in world.Eric is lasered-focused with new a purpose-driven mission in the development of CAD professionals in becoming impactful leaders while building a thriving community of like-minded professionals that want to help each other grow and make a difference in the world.As a CAD professional himself, he knows first hand the struggles in the journey in starting out as CAD newbie to CAD Leader, and the mess and challenges in between.This frustration led to the birth of his passion project, The CAD Manager Confessions Podcast, back in November of 2019.The CAD Manager Confessions Podcast is his way to reach the industry to help other CAD professionals as much as possible by sharing his lessons learned and also sharing the stories of other CAD Managers.We may walk in the same shoes daily, but our journeys are different and we have a lot we can learn from each other.What sets Eric DeLeon apart is his comprehensive and unique approach to management, leadership, and project delivery, developed over 25 years of professional experience in both public and private sectors, centered around four pivotal principles: Leadership Development, Process Optimization, Personalized Approach, and Career Development & Mentoring.With over 25 years of experience under his belt, Eric is ready. It's time to take his experiences and frameworks he has created and crafted throughout the years along with this new community to offer something truly special and unique.If you resonate with this then... Welcome to CAD Manager School.

what are you waiting for?

Don’t Just Manage, Lead!

If you're tired of simply managing and are ready to lead, the CAD Manager School is your ticket to an inspiring journey of growth. Welcome aboard, the journey to leadership mastery begins here.Join us today. Let's build the future of CAD together.


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